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Before CAFAA, I could not get myself together enough to hold a job for any long period of time. The effects of the caffeine on my physical and mental health would always leave me strung out to the point where I had to quit the job just to get myself...

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I had been a sometime iced-tea user in my early twenties, but I gave it up and never used caffeine again in any form until I was forty-three years old. I had been sober in another twelve-step program for a couple of years and one day I came up with an idea...

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My name is Karen and I’m a gratefully recovering caffeine addict. I cannot put into words how difficult it was for me to become abstinent. If I can do it, anyone can. I am so grateful that I endured the initial losses, which seemed many. After abstinence,...

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Caffeine has been around my whole life. Pepsi was one of my first words. I never got jittery or hyper when my parents let me have a drink. They still limited how often I got to have it, though. I loved the feeling it gave me; like I was calmer and more...

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Susan B.

I used caffeine (and any form of legal speed I could get my hands on) to motivate me, to override my depression, and to “leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Because most of my self-worth was based on what I achieved, it was important to me to get a lot...

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I kept trying to control my caffeine use by myself. I tried abstinence and giving in - letting myself drink or eat or swallow as much as I wanted. Nothing worked for long. I could control it for a while but never stay at that level. I could abstain but...

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A. Salvacion

I am not abstinent from caffeine. I attend meetings, I have a sponsor (who I call every day--for the most part), and she and I are about to begin stepwork together. But I haven't yet been able to maintain long-term abstinence. Fortunately, abstinence isn't...

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Photo Credits | Unsplash
Meg’s: Solaiman Hossen
Mike’s: Rod Sot
Edward’s: Lawrence Walter
Susan B’s: Karsten Wurth

A. Salvacion’s: Ben Neale
Karen’s: Glauber Sampaio
Capina’s: Cameron Wilkins

Light through trees: Greg Becker
Clouds: Clyde RS
Heart Open to Sun: Stephen Leonardi
Red Shoes: Seth Macey
Dock: Cameron Wilkins